Dr. Tracy is an incredible listener and diagnostician. I have seen so many doctors, Naturopaths, and Nutritionists regarding issues with my digestion and no one had figured out what the issue was but Dr. Tracy did. She is thorough, experienced, caring and a first-rate Dr. Her staff are wonderful and efficient as well. I have recommended over five people to Dr Tracy already!

Colleen A

“I have experienced the highest level of functional medical concierge care from Dr. Tracy. The personalized treatment plan that she designed for me has eliminated the symptoms that I was previously experiencing. I have never felt better! The entire staff goes above and beyond in every area. They are always to respond to any question or request that I may have and are an absolute delight to work with. I have never experienced this level of professional and personalized care!”

Julie A

“I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Tracy as my functional medicine doctor. My skin is not flaring up with eczema anymore even when I don’t have the best diet! Since working with Dr. Tracy, I feel much healthier and can tell a huge difference in my skin! Definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your health!”

Katie W

Appreciate the thoughtful and focused time I get with Dr. McCubbin. She answers my questions and explains the why behind how I was feeling. In just a few months my energy levels completely turned around.” –

Amanda K

Dear Dr. McC – I am constantly grateful that you are in my life. 

Sharon Testimonial

“Thank you so much for the holiday recipe booklet, so anxious to try your recipe for Thumbprint cookies, Shari! Such fun the other night, you two are amazing. Thanks for your knowledge and wisdom.”

Mary L

I struggled with infertility, endometriosis, and pregnancy loss for several years and wanted to try functional medicine after working with fertility clinics was unsuccessful. Dr. McCubbin is so compassionate and brilliant, I loved working with her. I had a successful pregnancy after working with her and following her plan and recommendations for only a couple of months! We couldn’t be happier. So grateful, thank you, Dr. McCubbin!

Chelle Cone

I have lost 30 pounds, feel incredibly energetic and feel I am so much more my best self. I would highly recommend Dr. McCubbin. She is awesome!

D. Barta

Dr. McCubbin has changed my life. I got into my 50s and started gaining weight and feeling lethargic. I tried dieting and exercising and became so frustrated with my lack of any results. I thought, “Am I just going to be the product of my age and my genetics? Will this just keep worsening and will this be my life?”

Then I went to see Dr. McCubbin. She is incredibly knowledgeable. She knows the science behind Integrative Medicine and is a board-certified Integrative Medicine specialist. She helped me to understand my changing body chemistry and how my genetics and health intertwine. We came up with a plan that was easy to follow. In 6 months I am down to my college weight! I have lost 30 pounds, feel incredibly energetic and feel I am so much more my best self.
I would highly recommend Dr. McCubbin. She is awesome!

D. Barta

Dr. McCubbin does a wonderful job getting the word out about flu prevention. I hope her message will go viral!

Mary Dawson VanderWall
Mary Dawson VanderWall