Tracy R. McCubbin, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. McCubbin utilizes lifestyle, culinary, neuromuscular, and mind-body medicine in her patient care. Her goal is to reverse chronic disease through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes while empowering her patients to take charge of their health and work as a team with their providers.

Therese Revitte

Master Nutrition Therapist

My philosophy is that when you give the body what it needs, it will respond and heal. It’s not always easy, because living a healthy lifestyle isn’t mainstream.

Lesley Hurd, RN -Registered Nurse & Biote Practitioner

Registered Nurse & Biote Practitioner

Meet Lesley Hurd RN, BSN – Functional Medicine RN and Certified Biote Provider – Bio-Identical Hormone therapy. I believe we all deserve to age gracefully, healthfully, and feel our best each and every day.

Shelby Jonathan, NTM

Nutrition Therapist Master & Marketing Manager

I truly believe food is medicine and feel so grateful that I get to learn from Dr. Tracy and work in a space that cultivates my passions and gives me first-hand experience working with patients.